2021 BEP evaluation to take-off in April

The 2021 Barangay Empowerment Program (BEP) is scheduled to take off this coming April.

Being on schedule, the evaluator’s preparation has also been challenging, especially since there have been some changes to the criteria. The revision is based on the advice of City Mayor Eliordo U. Ogena and the assessors themselves which aims to incorporate sustainability into the program. The recommendation was proposed after noticing that the barangay only cleans and beautifies their surroundings when the evaluation approaches.

Barangay Captains proposals have also been heard as a basis for review and improvement in further assessments.

Meanwhile, some of the changes are the criteria of the seven (7) core areas which have been reduced to six (6) increasing the point of some key areas to achieve a total of 100% .

The following revised barometers are the following:
Core Area 1: Barangay Clean, Green, and Beautification Initiatives – 27%
Core Area 2: Community Mobilization/Participation – 18%
Core Area 3: Lighting of Streets in Public Places and Flood Control- 15%
Core Area 4: Financial Management – 17%
Core Area 5: Health and Nutrition Program – 16%
Core Area 6: Disaster Risk Reduction Management – 7%

In addition, there will be a special award for best community-based practices aimed at identifying communal or public-founded top run-throughs. Also, to highlight the existing special features of the barangay and to package the identified civic-centered pieces of training.

To assist the barangays in their preparation for the program, the BEP team will visit them to conduct coaching. This involves the identification of community-based best practices, strategize needs assessment, formulation of concept paper, packaging of the entire program, and sustainability and evaluation procedures. This will be done before the scheduled evaluation.

City Local Government Operations Officer (CLGOO) and Evaluation Committee Chairperson Jennifer Fernandez said that BEP is not only purely competition because its aims to make the entire City of Koronadal beautiful, however, it was also carried out by match to motivate people and it will continue until it becomes a way of life.

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