8 Core Values, now in the workbooks!

In the modern era where children are assailed with conflicting, ever-shifting standards of ethics and morality, it is the aspiration of the city government that from the oldest to the youngest and all sectors of the society would learn to live by its 8 Core Values.

As a great way to teach kids the value of Love of God, Love of Country, Respectfulness, Integrity, Discipline, Commitment, Stewardship, and Competitiveness, the 8 Core Values Work books will be released in the months to come.

The government believes that the journey of raising responsible citizens starts with the task of instilling the core values which builds the foundation for character. With the right values internalized, strength of character will be developed and the process of instilling values in children begins at an early age. Cartoons for children are the ones that are most entertaining so the city government used illustrations in the form of cartoons as an approach to introduce the Core Values. Some of the characters are anthropomorphic. They are animals with human traits and behavior, but who also retain characteristics of the animal. Also, the workbook features a Story Response Worksheet to determine the level of comprehension a student has after reading the story.

In crafting the workbook, series of workshops were conducted by a group of writers, evaluators and illustrators. The technical team agreed to use cartoons considering the fact that the use of it actually enables students to better remember information. Finally, an Enhancement and Final Evaluation Workshop was conducted on August 5 for the finalization of its content and packaging. Further, to highlight the upcoming release, a ceremonial launch will be conducted citing the kindergarten in public schools as the first recipients of the project.

In 2011, a multi-sectoral group, to push a local character-building initiative was organized spearheaded by the City Population Office as the program holder. This resulted in the issuance of Executive Order No. 6 s, 2008 which created a technical working group composed of multi-sectoral representatives tasked to craft the Integrated Character-Building Program.

In Mindanao, only Koronadal has established its guiding eight core values and published a module for character building of its constituency in 2011 that serves as anchor and moral manual.

The program is one of the many initiatives the city government undertakes to give focus on early childhood care and development by providing children the tools, access for positive influence and valuable educational and social experiences.