CBDRP: Giving hope to recovering addicts

An inmate in his mid-40’s shared his transformation from a recovering addict to a new whole person. His thoughts focused on the message of hope, on how brave souls have embraced the community-based drug rehabilitation program (CBDRP) and found the true light through the holistic interventions they received from the government. The city government of … Read more CBDRP: Giving hope to recovering addicts

City DILG assists the city gov for road clearing 2.0

The City DILG is assisting the city government in complying with the directive of President Rodrigo Duterte to clear roads from illegal structures and constructions along the road right-of-way. To assist in the implementation of Road Clearing Version 2.0 issued last February 7, 2020, the city government directed the officials of the 27 barangays to … Read more City DILG assists the city gov for road clearing 2.0

Enforce tricycle ban on highways, City DILG told

The Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG)  has ordered local chief executives to strictly enforce the tricycle ban along national highways. DILG Memorandum Circular 2020-036 dated February 17 has directed all local government units (LGUs) to strictly implement the banning of tricycles from even crossing or making U-turns along highways. During the “Talakayan … Read more Enforce tricycle ban on highways, City DILG told

Arts Month reveals 2020 line-up

The City of Koronadal Investment and Promotion Center (CKIPC) revealed the full line-up of Ani ng Sining 2020 National Arts Month (NAM) celebration this February.

The month-long celebration will offer a wide array of events and activities anchored on the theme “Ani ng Sining”.

Koronadaleños will be paying tribute to the brilliance and bounty of the seven arts: music, dance, drama, literature, visual arts, architecture and film.

On February 13, the celebration will kick-off with a program at the City Hall Lobby. After the program, series of lectures for the 200 participants, to include students and workers from local hotels and restaurant operators will be conducted to better improve their services. “We host convention in Koronadal almost every month and we saw the need to improve their services particularly in food preparation, presentation and servings. Food is a basic requirement and every time we have visitors, food is their first consideration”, CKIPC Manager Elric Batilaran said in an interview.

Meanwhile, the city government partnered with Apat sa Taglamig, a sole theatre organization in the locality who are into theatre production. The group will be having a series of theatrical shows starting February 15 at KNCHS AVR. The show will portray themes like current issues in the society. “Through the play, we will showcase how competent and talented our playwriters in Koronadal who have the potential to compete in the national and international arena”, Batilaran said.

On the other hand, Koryo Mindanao, an association of different artistic directors and choreographers in the seven arts disciplines will hold their big gathering in Koronadal on February 19-21. More or less 600 participants from different parts of Mindanao including some visitors from Luzon and Visayas will be attending the 3rd Koryo Mindanao Summit 2020. “This is one of the big events that we will be hosting in the celebration of the Arts Month. The Mayor himself will be hosting a Mayor’s night to provide our participants with cultural entertainment. We hope them to discover Koronadal and what we could offer to the world in terms of our rich cultural heritage”, Batilaran explained in an interview.

Headed by Mr. Yen Morales of Creative Entertainment Production, a film workshop will be conducted to some local talents and independent film makers as the captured audience. Batilaran said that many of the young individuals are already into film making and no one can stop them to be creative, so the government needs to give them the necessary back-ups to improve their crafts.

Sayaw Pinoy local performances, a showcase of different genres of dances like hiphop, ballet, dancesports, cultural and traditional dances will culminate the month long celebration. According to Batilaran, the City of Koronadal had been hosting the said activity for many years now since its inception. “This year we will allot 1 hour for our local dances. Students from both elementary and secondary schools in the city will have their folk-dance presentation at KNCHS gymnasium. This event is in partnership with the Philippine Folk Dance Society. This is one of the activities the society intends to enroll to the city government and we are very supportive on these”, Batilaran said.

For the whole of February, expect a plethora of activities such as workshops, shows, lectures, tours and others happening.


27 Barangays, Say Yes to Empowerment

Slick as whistle, Barangay Captains of 27 barangays say yes to barangay empowerment with  strong expectancy for a breakthrough in local governance. In a launching ceremony on January 24, 2020, Barangay Officials joined City Mayor Eliordo U. Ogena in the ceremonial signing of Executive Order 7, Series of 2020, a directive mandating the establishment of … Read more 27 Barangays, Say Yes to Empowerment

Handurawan highlights Koronadal’s 80th Foundation Day

The City of Koronadal marks its 80th foundation anniversary with a sterling rendition of artistic performances dubbed as Pyesta Kolon Datal Handurawan Grand Rites on January 10, 2020 at South Cotabato Sports Complex, City of Koronadal. Better than the best that had been staged in the past, this year’s Handurawan is a combination of a … Read more Handurawan highlights Koronadal’s 80th Foundation Day

Welfare of the Indigenous People: Priority of Mayor Ogena

“I want to give our Indigenous People (IPs) a considerable number of slots in the Iskolar ng Koronadal. Among the vunerable sector, I have observed that many of you can’t still avail of the higher education”, Mayor Ogena addressed the hundreds of attendees during the 4th Indigenous Peoples’ Day on January 9, 2020 at the … Read more Welfare of the Indigenous People: Priority of Mayor Ogena