BOSS eases Permit Processing

The establishment of the Business One-Stop Shop (BOSS) eases the permit processing of the city. City Architect Marvin Alegria said that with the operation of BOSS this January 2020, business permits easily processed had increased to 4,200 from 3,700 of the same period of 2019. The figure showed an increase of 500 permits processed including the occupancy.

In an interview, Architect Alegria, an Acting Building Official stated that the BOSS operation has boosted the speedy dispensation of the occupancy permit. He stressed further that because of the BOSS, the occupancy permit for the simple structures can be now obtained within a day which is faster compared to the usual time that took three to five (3-5) days before the release of the documents.

However, the official clarified that the length of the process depends on the classification of the building structure. It is also important to complete the documents before processing.

The structures are as follows:

Simple structure- one (1) day

Regular structure- seven (7) days

Complex structure- 20 days

On the other hand, the building will be considered as simple if it is made of a one-storey or box-type structure while regular if it has a size of more than 20 square meters and complex if the building is worth 20 million pesos above.

Further, as of this January, the City Engineering office had already approved 25 building permits that include 12 residential, seven (7) commercial and six (6) institutional structures. Meanwhile, several constructions for the city government-owned building will be expected soon through the help of civil society and fund outsourcing.