CBDRP: Giving hope to recovering addicts

An inmate in his mid-40’s shared his transformation from a recovering addict to a new whole person. His thoughts focused on the message of hope, on how brave souls have embraced the community-based drug rehabilitation program (CBDRP) and found the true light through the holistic interventions they received from the government.

The city government of Koronadal is now working to address the gap between the rise in the number of drug users and surrenderees brought about by the government’s intensified anti-drug operations through its City Anti-Drug Abuse Council (CADAC).

In one of the sessions, CBDRP Counsellor Mylene Sillote, RN,MAN talked about the eight topic of the 6 months session about Repairing Relationships. Sillote tackled on the difficult experiences of families dealing with addiction. Hence, she shared valuable insights on how the recovering addicts can do the repair in their relationships.

Also, during the session, one of the inmates shared on how he probably brought a great deal of hardship into the lives of his family members. According to him, as a changed man, he is now determined to show the outmost humility and adjustment in his family dealings after his release.

The CBDRP focused on healing of the body, mind, soul through counseling and other therapeutic sessions. The client must undergo first the Patient’s Assessment and Evaluation (Screening) to determine if he/she will be required for immediate rehab treatment or community-based rehab program. If the patient is recommended to undergo CBDRP, the patient will undertake rehabilitation for a minimum of six months. Also, a complete 24 counselling sessions and unannounced drug testing are part of the requirements. At the same time, he or she will be provided with the following: clinical services to be conducted by the City Health personnel; psycho-spiritual services by a faith-based group; and sustainability programs services from other government organizations and partners.

When recovering drug dependents begin rebuilding relationships with their love ones and the community where they belong, they begin building hope that will serve as their powerful source of motivation and inspiration to get sober, stay sober and totally break the chain of addiction.