City Gov recognizes exemplary koronadaleños

“In the coming days, we will recognize people and their important contributions, worth replicating act and service”, Mayor Ogena said in one of his pronouncements.

From time to time, the Mayor will recognize extraordinary city residents and employees through certificates and proclamations during the Monday convocation at City Hall.

The city has always been sustained and strengthened by the willingness of its residents to work for the common good. Through people empowerment as one among the priorities of the Mayor, Koronadaleños can better and more actively participate in the societies’ decision-making processes, programs and activities.

It takes a special kind of individual to excel in the community, even sometimes they seem inconsequential to the city’s success. To motivate the city’s residents to become positive and productive partners in local governance, the giving of recognition has become a city’s tradition.

An honest tricycle driver has been given public recognition for returning a cellphone he found in the streets of Doña Lourdes.

In July 23, Facebook user Rowena Isabel Brana recalled in his post an incident wherein Fermino Andasan, a tricycle driver from Barangay Namnama returned her precious belonging.

On the other hand, vigilant security personnel’s quick response stopped a fire from spreading. Civil Security Unit personnel Teofilo Tupas Jr. has been praised for his vigilance and quick response which prevented a fire from spreading at the City Public Market.

Tupas on routine evening rounds on July 5, 2019 discovered the unattended burning stove. The said act of vigilance prevented potential flare-ups and damage to properties.

The recognition given to Tupas is one way of recognizing employees for their day-to-day efforts that contribute in a special way to getting the job done while protecting the interest of the city government.

In his message during the Monday convocation, Mayor Ogena said that due recognition will be given to deserving employees for their efforts beyond normal performance expectations of the job in a given instance. Under this non-monetary award system, accomplishments that represent steps toward the achievement of organizational goals or purposes regardless of the position are highly recognized.  

One is a tricycle driver and the other is a CSU personnel. Tupas and Andasan are completely different in carrier path but both of them share the same passion. They are both passionate in driving change and making a difference in any way they can.

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