Counselors Training

After Care Program Counselors Training

August 3-4, 2020 at ABC Hall, 3rd Floor, City Hall 

Counselors have a major impact on the lives of the patients they counsel. Because of the importance of their impact on client lives, and in order to provide the highest quality of care, it’s critical they get the right training and education. Part of their role is to create and provide a program for recovering drug dependents that have been discharged from rehabilitation centers for reintegration and independent functioning within their families and communities and to prevent the recurrence of drug abuse or relapse.

 The training was purposely conducted to help the counselors in gaining an understanding of why individuals use drugs and eventually become addicted. Sessions address the “triggers” for an individual’s drug use -and help find more positive and productive ways to react to these life stressors, capacitate the counselors in identifying topics that would help recovering drug dependents cope and manage their cravings for prohibited drugs after discharge and to aid them in acquiring knowledge and skills to prevent or manage relapse. The training is also geared to assist the counselors in designing strategies to develop for the recovering drug dependents new social networks and peer-group programs using new approaches that will operate in a self-help orientation under professional supervision, aid the counselors in identifying and providing services designed to increase the recovering drug dependent’s self-reliance and integration into society through educational, vocational, and social programs. The training also hopes to help the counselors in identifying interventions that would help patients identify and alleviate high risk factors of addiction and develop coping skills to deal with them.  

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