Dr. Vego ready to publicize his vaccination

OIC City Health Officer Edito Vego is ready to publicize his vaccination against COVID-19 as soon as the vaccine arrives in the city. He said he would not hesitate to take such an initiative if it is a way to convince residents.

Dr. Vego’s response is based on the various reactions of the people as the arrival of the vaccine is approaching where some are keyed up while others are hesitant.

Meanwhile, while awaiting vaccine recommendations from the Department of Health (DOH), city nurses are also preparing for the responsibilities that lie ahead, including being the first to get vaccinated, based on a statement and guidelines set by the national government.

The health official has stressed that the vaccine will be distributed free of charge to identified recipients, but this is not mandatory, especially for those with allergies and beneficiaries may refuse it. However, if the refusing recipient requires a vaccination, the vaccine is very limited and Vego cannot guarantee its availability as reservation is not possible. Whoever gets the first dose will still get the second dose.

Vego further explained that the prioritization of who will get the vaccine first is based on the comorbidities and life’ status wherein the goals is to maintain the most critical essential services and direct reduction of morbidity and mortality. He stated that the action hopes to substantially control transmission and minimize the disruption of social, economic, and security functions that may lead to resumption to near normal.

On the other hand, Vego also clarified that even there is already a vaccine, returning to normal life that people are used to is not a guarantee since the vaccine is not a medicine. According to the doctor, it will only help boost and protect the immune system, which means that standard health protocols are observed all the time.

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