Koronadal City all set for the 19th Charter Anniversary

Koronadal City all set for the 19th Charter Anniversary

This year’s 19th Charter Anniversary and 9th Negosyo Festival aims to continue the long-time tradition anchored on the theme “Soaring High for Greater Competitiveness”.

This year’s celebration of the cityhood depicts the important milestones in Koronadal’s progress as a city and as a spectacle of the people’s aspiration to build a competitive economy alongside empowering communities, towards an all- inclusive growth.

Since its inception on October 8, 2000, Koronadal celebrated its ‘birthday’ as a city by promoting its commerce and economic development, being South Cotabato’s urban center and the regional offices’ prime location.

Events will run from October 2 until 11, while trade and food fair exhibits are open for the whole month of October.

The anniversary celebration will formally open on October 3 with a motorcade routing from New City Hall to KCC Mall of Marbel.

Highlights of the event are grand sales from the biggest establishments, regional trade expo, barangay travel mart and agrifair expo, business fora, and jobs fair for job seekers.

This time, the spotlight is on the Palengke Got Talent and Lin-ay sang Palengke 2019, as part of the continuing efforts to highlight the public market and to attract customers to patronize the latter.

Among the lined-up events are the barista competition, arts and letters forum, fish show, dogs fashion show,  lechon fest at Pig-diriwang, and different sports competitions such as bowling, karatedo, shooting, motocross, and high-speed car race.

October 8 is the Anniversary day as City Mayor Eliordo U. Ogena is also set to deliver his First 100 days report to the people. As a culminating activity, A vin d’honneur or awards night will be dedicated to individuals who served the city with patriotism and loyalty for the past few decades.

Local police will provide 120 augmented forces with 24-hour police visibility to secure all entrance and exit points in the festivity area. People are also advised to avoid wearing caps and backpacks in entering the premises as a mitigating measure against security threats.

Consultant for Economic Affairs Reynaldo Legaste assures that all committees are prepared and ready. “Ang sa charter anniversary, ang tanan nga committee, preparado na sila.. nag final meeting na kita sang mga committee members.. nagahulat na lang gid ang kada isa sang ila schedule”, Legaste said in a media interview.

Please be guided with the attached Schedule of Activities.