Koronadal Mayor Ogena visits the city landfill site

City Mayor Eliordo U. Ogena conducted an ocular inspection in the sanitary landfill located in Barangay Paraiso, Koronadal City to see the situation and hear the residents’ complaints for foul-smelling garbage and proliferation of flies from the dumping site.

According to the residents, the influx of flies and smelling of garbage is likely to cause illness in the area. City Enro Officer, Augustus Bretaña said he would conduct a public consultation at all malls and public markets regarding proper waste disposal at the said landfill site.

Mayor Ogena immediately approved setting up a meeting to clarify and answer the residents’ grievances.

Bretaña has even promised a temporary solution that they will carry out mitigation by spraying crude oil spills three times a week instead of once a week to reduce flies and smelly odor.

So far, one of the Mayor’s priorities is to focus on the inventory of heavy equipment to keep the waste heap. Mayor Ogena also considers to hire some of the residents in the area who will take care of the landfill themselves.

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