LaKor 2020: The Highlights

Stars shine down the most beautiful night of Koronadal as twelve lovely ladies compete for the prestigious title of being Lakambini ng Koronadal 2020. And this year takes the competition up a notch with its theme: “Beauty Beyond Crown”.

This year’s event is hosted by Bb. Grand International 2018 Ms. Eva Patalinjug and ABS-CBN SOX’s Joey Concepcion.

Candidates opened the event with their grand sing and dance production number, with the catchy original themesong made for LaKor 2020 composed and arranged by Marvin Corpus.

Highlights of the pageant were the sizzling swimwear competition and the parade of elegant gowns that feature their beauty, poise, and grace.

What made the pageant special are the advocacies candidates represented and stood for, hoping to be the change in the societal ills we have today.

But after flurries of smart answers from the ladies in the series of interviews, all eyes are on the winner of Lakambini ng Koronadal, PNP-Koronadal’s representative Maria Julianne Gracel B. Yanzon, who bagged the prize with her gripping answer from the judges’ ultimate question: “At what particular point of your life that you wanted to become a queen beyond beauty and crown, and how will you dedicate yourself in serving the people”?

“Growing up, I have always felt being doubted. Hence, I did not let those doubts overpower me. That is why I wanted to become a beauty queen to show myself to other people, to share myself… and if I were given a chance to win the crown tonight, I would share to the people of Koronadal City the value of tenacity—never giving up no matter how hard it is, [no matter] how biased society is.

Because tenacity is a thread that binds persistence, strategy, and self-reflection. With tenacity, coupled with humility, we will evolve and turn our hopeless failures into glorious success,” Ms. Yanzon concludes.

Yen, as her friends call her, is a Grade 12 STEM Student of KNCHS and an active school TV broadcaster.

Aside from the sash, cash prize,  the new Lakambini received 5,000 pesos gift certificate from KCC Marbel, 20,000 worth of scholarship from STI Koronadal, 30,000 gift certificate and 5,000 gift pack from Toledo Med, accommodation for two at FB Hotel, 100,000 paMLya insurance and jewelry worth 30,000 from MLhuillier.

Meanwhile, here are rest of the candidates with special awards:

Miss Photogenic/Telegenic – #8 Ms. Anna Janela Muyco, Brgy. Morales
Best Designer’s Award- #11 Ms. Claudia Lhoffer R. Ukatu, Diamond Memorial Care
Best in Swimwear- #8 Ms. Anna Janela Muyco, Brgy. Morales
Best Production Number- #8 Ms. Anna Janela Muyco, Brgy. Morales
Best Gown- #10 Ms. Reynalie Joy Zante, Seiralab Inc. and Travelsure
Best Advocacy Video- #8 Ms. Anna Janela Muyco, Brgy. Morales
Best in Interview- #7 Ms. Gabrielle Corinne Torato, Brgy. San Isidro