‘No CCTV, no business permit’: businesses directed to install security cameras

Identified business establishments are now required to install security cameras around their area to qualify their requirements for a license to operate.

As stated in Ordinance No.10, series of 2018, the city government will now strictly implement the ‘No CCTV, no business permit’ policy for the following establishments:

  • Banks, financial institutions, pawnshops, money lenders, money remittance services, money changers, and the likes;
  • Business establishments that are part of a national chain or have several branches in other parts of the country, such as restaurants, food chains, 24-hour convenience stores, drug stores, and the like;
  • Shopping malls, shopping centers, supermarkets, movie houses, theaters, hospitals and medical facilities, ports/airports/public transport terminals, places of entertainment, and the like which draw a considerable number of customers/patrons;
  • Car dealerships, gasoline/fuel refilling/service stations; and other business establishments which the Sanggunian deems proper considering the type of business and potential risks in their respective areas.

For those businesses that have not yet installed their CCTVs, they are required to submit an Affidavit of Undertaking, stating that they will comply with the installation within the year. Businesses with existing CCTV systems may submit an Affidavit stating that they have complied with the requirements and indicate the unit specifications.

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