Residents of Concepcion Benefit from Outreach Program

Residents of Concepcion Benefit from Outreach Program

Almost 1,000 households benefited from the Barangay Outreach Program conducted by the City Government of Koronadal on Tuesday, October 1, 2019 at Barangay Concepcion, Koronadal City.

Mr. Enrique Cabatingan, officer-in-charge of Community Affairs Office (CAO), spearheaded the outreach program participated by the different departments of LGU. Cabatingan said that it was the first community outreach program undertaken by the office after City Mayor Eliordo U. Ogena assumed his post.

With the theme, “Reaching out Koronadaleños through Development and Empowerment,” the activity aims to bring the government programs and services closer to the people.

The City Health Office catered more than 100 individuals who availed the free medical and dental services while the City Veterinary Office accommodated 18 pet owners for a free animal checkup and vaccination.

On top of the medical and dental services, the residents of the barangay were also accorded free services to include massage therapy for 47 individuals, 59 females had their free haircuts, 38 individuals had their knives sharpened availing the free baid and 46 individuals had their nails manicured. Meanwhile, the office of the City Agriculture distributed guyabano seedlings to 40 individuals, and 23 availed the free vermiteas. Further, 897 persons received their food packs and free popcorn and cotton candy as special treats for children. Also, a total of 124 plasticware and 4 piglets were given as giveaways to the locals during the raffle.

Among the offices involved were the City Assessors Office which caters inquiries on real properties for taxation. The Civil Registrar Office also accommodated requests for birth certificates, marriage contracts and other authenticated documents.

Among the vital departments that brought their services includes: The City Mayor’s Office, City Nutrition Office, City Population, City Environment and Natural Resources Office, City Engineering Office, City Information Office, City Human Resource and Management Office, City Police Office and other frontline offices of the LGU.