TALAKAYAN SA CITY HALL formally launched

TALAKAYAN SA CITY HALL formally launched

Members of the Koronadal City Press Corps (KCPC) were thrilled with the good news at the press conference as ‘TALAKAYAN SA CITY HALL” formally launched. It is a program that delivers different plans, programs, projects, and activities of the city in partnership with private media practitioners. City Mayor Atty. Eliordo U. Ogena and City Administrator Atty. Rene Jumilla were the resource speakers.

During the press conference, the mayor again highlighted the program stated in his 10-point development agenda as the priority of his administration. He stressed out that if he needs to talk to the relevant persons, he will never hesitate to do so to realize such programs and projects.

City Administrator Jumilla, on the other hand, confessed that until now he never used his work but he vowed to do his best to become an effective and efficient government employee.

 Meanwhile, Chief of Road Safety and Traffic Management Officer Ruel Bagonoc rushed to the said activity after there are some questions that he needs to answer.  

The “TALAKAYAN SA CITY HALL” is the first press conference attended by Mayor Ogena and Atty. Jumilla that launched on August 2, 2019, led by City Information Office under the supervision of the City Information Officer Romar A. Olivares.