The city gov’t works with Chaplains to promote core values

The City Government is working closely with the National Auxiliary Chaplaincy Philippines, Inc. (NACPHIL) to help build a values-driven Koronadal.

12 church leaders attended the 3rd batch of Eight Core Values orientation among Pastors held last October 29, 2020 at CHEQ Seafoods, City of Koronadal.

To adhere to the current health protocol established by the AITF, the City Population Office as the primary implementer simply limits the number of participants. Previously trained Chaplains Jose Custorio, Teressita Ignacio, Ed Servallios and Filipe Fernandez served as lecturers.

In an interview, City Population Officer Nancy A. Adalin, MAN said that part of the implementing strategies of the Character Building Program is to partner with NGOs, GOs and faith-based organizations. “Ever since, NACPHIL has been our partner in implementing the 8 Core Values and we already conducted a series of orientation among pastors. The purpose is to advocate the said values in their respective church of assignment and ministries. We hope that after the orientation, they will be able to integrate the latter in their evangelism and other ministries”, Adalin said.  

Part of their goal is for the whole community to listen to and live on the said values, and make Jesus Christ the center of their home, says Chaplain Jose C. Custorio, City Director of NACPHIL. He said that the role of their organization is to train and mobilize religious leaders to work in their respective barangays and enthusiastically carry the message of the 8 core values in their fields. “The 8 Core Values is the values of Jesus Christ and this must be centered to every human being towards Christ-likeness as Christ in the true owner of the true values”, Chaplain Custorio, once said.

Meanwhile, Adalin said that since the 8 Core Values are all-encompassing, church workers don’t need to lecture about it individually, but how to tie them to biblical principles is a big challenge for church workers. “I think the pastors are one of the most influential people in the community that is why we partner with them,” Adalin added.

On the other hand, Adalin said that the impact of the said values is intangible and that the success of its implementation is difficult to gauge and can be a challenge for their office, but the changing behavior and character of the people is a clear expression of the success of the program. Reports that several drivers have returned money and lost things to the owner can also be attributed to the program.

In 2008, the City Population Office headed by Ms. Nancy Adalin consulted the multi-sectoral groups to push a local character-building initiative. This resulted in the issuance of Executive Order No. 6 s, 2008 which created a technical working group composed of multi-sectoral representatives tasked to craft the Integrated Character-Building Program. On May 30, 2011, the Facilitators’ Manual on Eight Core Values Formation was launched to aid trainers and facilitators. In Mindanao, only Koronadal has established its guiding eight values and published a module for character building of its constituency.

Meanwhile, NACPHIL as a ministry implements Values Formation and Moral Recovery Program of the Philippine government by rendering pastoral care and assistance especially to the depressed and oppressed. “In the year 1996, NACPHIL a SEC registered ministry was formed by retired Police Captain, Bishop, Dr. Arturo A. San Juan, our vision keeper. On the other hand, our main concern in line with the mission of the city is to develop our people. With this active collaboration with the government, we hope to produce a values- driven city working towards prosperity, unity and harmony”, Chaplain Custorio once said in an interview.

On the other hand, Chaplain Maria Teressa Ignacio, one of the advocates said in an interview that she had integrated the latter in the conduct of Bible studies, discipleship and preaching.

Through close partnerships with faith-based organizations and academes, the City Population Office believes that the Integrated Character-Building Program will play a key role in preparing future generations and promising leaders, something that motivates them to work in advancing it.



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