Welfare of the Indigenous People: Priority of Mayor Ogena

“I want to give our Indigenous People (IPs) a considerable number of slots in the Iskolar ng Koronadal. Among the vunerable sector, I have observed that many of you can’t still avail of the higher education”, Mayor Ogena addressed the hundreds of attendees during the 4th Indigenous Peoples’ Day on January 9, 2020 at the Parish Center.

Meanwhile, the Mayor assured the tribal community that he will fund the assistance program for the education of the IPs specifically for those who passed the scholarship qualifications, and they will be given outmost priority.

The Mayor also emphasized that he already started the livelihood program for IPs with the help of KIPC Manager Elric Batilaran who developed a scheme to provide the indigenous peoples (IPs) in San Isidro and Assumption a “parol” making livelihood project with the support of IPMR Antonio Abing who organized the group. Further, to open more opportunities for the IPs, the Mayor will push to both public and private offices in the city the use of the Blaan’s beaded lanyard as ID sling.

On the other hand, as one of the line-up activities of the Hinugyaw Festival 2020, the IP Day meant to honor the people native to the city of Koronadal.

The event features an array of display and demonstrations to include the Manem Igem (mat weaving) MSIF (embroidery) Milol Slah (beads making) Manem been (basket making) Mabal Gintlo (loom weaving) and Mabal Tabih weaving, traditional Blaan tubular skirt which women employed a particularly wide repertoire of design formats which last them 3 to 4 months to finish for the 4 meters woven cloth alone.

The venue was surrounded with the aroma of familiar indigenous cuisine, a way of honoring culture with a feast. As a gesture of support, NCIP Region XII Director Jean-Anne Moendeg Zoilo graced the occasion.

Also, part of the program is the recognition of the IP Model Family for the year 2019 and the recognition of cultural artists.

The holding of the IP Day every year is one way of keeping the culture and heritage alive in the city by recognizing their big role and contribution  in the making of the City of Koronadal as it is today.